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Why Join Letip?

Local business networking meetings in your community can be a “Gold Mine” for new business leads for yourself. Consider taking advantage of your local LeTip chapter to make new contacts and receive warm referrals on a regular basis because each member becomes part of your sales force!

Membership has it’s privileges. As such, you will meet new contacts each and every month. Your fellow members become your sales team, and as such, are actively looking for business opportunities to refer to you, and the rest of the chapter.

With membership in LeTip, you have the opportunity to educate members in terms of what you do, who you do business with, and what type of leads you are looking for. You can also display samples of your work on special display tables to further educate those in attendance on what your business is all about.

With membership in LeTip, you also are afforded a speaker slot several times per year, where you have the opportunity to speak about your business, to the entire room. Where else can you meet with like-minded business owners ready and willing to help grow your business?