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What is LeTip?
LeTip is a networking organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Members are known for their professionalism, dedication and loyalty to one another.


What will I gain Financially by joining LeTip?
For each person, financial gains are different, however, diligent members who attend meetings regularly, will be successful in growing their businesses. At LeTip, you will meet people whose sole purpose is to learn about your business and effectively become your sales force. Imagine the potential results of having 25 or more people looking out for new business for you!


What will I gain professionally?
Networking is about understanding that you shouldn’t have to stand alone in your business endeavors. Your clients do have needs for other services related to yours. If your clients can count on you to refer them to reputable services, they will perceive you as being able to give good advice and value added service.


Why should I bother with networking my business?
Networking should be part of any business today. Meeting new contacts, discovering new services that can help you and your client base is a no-brainer. Just ask yourself if you would like to take on new business. If the answer is “yes”, our LeTip group is for you!


How often do you meet?
We meet every Friday morning, because the more often you have contact with your fellow members, the more your influence will reach out to each member’s contacts and business associates. Meeting weekly, is the most effective method to develop strong relationships with members that can help deliver business leads to you on a regular basis.