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Business Networking

LeTip Toronto East/Markham is a diverse and energetic referral networking group that meets for one purpose — to give and receive qualified business tips. We serve as your sales force, bringing new business to you!

We practice referral marketing as a powerful way to increase business. Members introduce one another to new clients and customers who need a specific service from the LeTip member. No more cold calling, just warm leads, the opportunity to make contact with a potential client who is expecting a call from the member who can provide the service.

But it doesn’t just end there

Providing a good service, reputable products and/or consulting can lead to not only “repeat business”, but also second, third and forth generation referrals  – all out of just one tip!

The recipient of the original “tip”, can easily refer your services to their family, friends and business associates, and those connections can refer your business to their connections, and on, and on!

Good Service begets more business

Good “tips” can lead to life-long relationships, not only for business you can gain yourself, but also business services you, your family and associates can benefit from, for years to come.

It should also be said, that quality work is paramount to receiving the full benefits from word-of-mouth marketing. Why? Well, think of it this way, if you are given a “tip”, make contact with the prospect and do an average job, the chances of getting repeat business from that source might be slim to none.

People in business, along with personal needs in life, expect higher than average service, and that is what can facilitate repeat business for years to come.

Reliable – Reputable

In LeTip, our members are held accountable for providing quality services, at a reasonable price, within a reasonable amount of time. And, add to the fact we meet weekly, it’s an added incentive for each member to provide the best services possible!