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Harry Hochman


7500 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 300 Markham, Ontario L3R 1A8

Tel: 905-477-8775 Fax: 905-477-0166

harry@hh-law.ca www.hh-law.ca

The Law Office of Harry Hochman, LL.B.

Harry Hochman was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1980.

The Law Office of Harry Hochman has been located in the Town of Markham since 1988. Our services are offered from within shared professional facilities, housing several independent lawyers and their legal assistants, offering talents and resources in a variety of complimentary legal disciplines, including business, corporate, real estate, tax, wills, powers of attorney, litigation, and selected U.S. legal services.

Harry Hochman was awarded the “Canada 125” medal in 1993 by the Governor General of Canada for contribution to community, is a past president of his homeowners association and a former instructor of real property law for the Ontario Real Estate Association.

We are proud to service banks, credit unions, small and mid-sized corporations,real estate brokerages, partnerships and individual entrepreneurs.

Did You Know

Prior to meeting with your lawyer (particularly the first time on a matter) sit down, organize your thoughts and write out (typed, if possible) all the details your lawyer needs and provide them to your lawyer with copies of all supporting documents. This approach will save your lawyer time and you money and facilitate your lawyer in providing you better legal services.